The Forgotten Boy is a look back at my childhood years growing up in rural Ireland in the 1950’s. This book covers the period from 1952 to 1969 and is a true story.  I originally set out to write this book for my children. It was meant to be just a short story so that they could find out about their The Forgotten BoyDad and what his life was like long before they were born. I had started this story back in the 90’s but due to one thing and another I never got around to finishing it until around 2010. After it was complete, someone suggested that I publish it. Autobiographies were popular, and especially Irish autobiographies thanks to Angela’s Ashes by Frank McCourt and a few other Irish biographies which were going around at the time.

I never published this book in hardcopy or paperback as the e-reader was beginning to take over the industry, plus I couldn’t find or afford a paperback publisher at the time.  With a small amount of editing I tested this book on the e-reader market, but just like my first attempt with a hard copy book (Trails of a Lonely Heart); the shit hit the fan on this piece of literature as well. 

Suddenly, long forgotten members of my family in the form of two brothers which I hadn’t talked to or seen in years, went up in arms. This was a big surprise to me based on the fact I have never had contact with them since I was a boy and they never have been a part of my life in any way. Threats of law suits appeared, surrounded by their screams of disgust on how I could even think of writing such lies about my family.  This was even more surprising since I hadn’t lived with my old brother since 1955, and I had only seen the other younger brother three or four times in my entire life.

Emails went sent to various companies and people stating I was spreading lies and hate about my parents and my childhood. Once again very baffling since both of their names had only been mentioned three or four times in the complete book.  All of my four brothers grew up with my parents; I grew up with my grandparents since the age of five on a farm 30 miles away from where they lived thus basically I never knew them or vice versa.
Because of other work commitments I really didn’t have the time or energy to get into a long drawn out process with either of these siblings at the time but I can now report that this autobiography will be coming out in paperback and e-reader format in the summer of 2015.

I am expecting more of the same from the brothers, but this time around, I do have the time and means to publish my story.  Maybe I can take a leaf from Frank McCourt. He had the same problem; actually if memory serves me correct his family even put a price on his head until he coughed up a ton of money and real estate to get their vote of approval. Amazing what a few bob will do when used in the right way. However, that is not going to happen.  This “Forgotten Boy” will never pay a penny (or euro) to buy family approval or to shut them up.     

Product Description.   The Forgotten Boy
Me and my Grandfather around 1957 / 58
 This is a true story of a boy who was ditched with his grandparents at the age of five. It tells the poignant tale of his struggles and isolation, living as an only child, on a small country farm in County Wexford, Ireland. Abandoned and forgotten by his parents. Separated and forgotten by his four brothers, it tells the story of a forgotten boy.
On a cold dark night in late autumn in the year 1957, a small boy held on tightly to his Grand father’s old calloused hand for fear of slipping down into the roaring river as they stumbled through the mud and clay down Kirwins Grove. The boy was on his way for a short holiday with his grandparents who lived on a small farm in a place called Kilbranish, Bunclody in the county of Wexford.

Little did he know that the little farm place was going to be his new home, far away from his parents and brothers

. This is the true story of a boy who through no fault of his own learned to come to terms at being set aside by his parents. Over the years, many questions were not allowed to be asked, and many more were never answered. It’s a story of a boy’s love for his grandfather and his sadness when he lost him. It’s a story of sadness, laughter, love, bitterness, loneliness, expectations, survival, disappointments and hatred. But above all, it’s a story of how a boy learned to live his life as a forgotten child.

A Boy’s Story Of Living And Surviving In Ireland In The Late 1950’s

“Through no fault of my own I grew up with my grandparents since I was the age of five. This was because my mother wandered off like a giddy sheep without as much as a single baa.
From time to time, it was whispered that my Granny always favoured the protestant shops. In the small village of Bunclody, there was always an undertone of religious preferences and its influence of everyone’s daily lives.


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